Testing the Arduino Buono

The Arduino Buono R3 is an Arduino UNO clone. It is designed to behave exactly as the Arduino UNO R3.


I wanted to make sure it is a fully fully functioning before I test the rest of the system.

1- Plug the device to a USB port with the included micro-USB cable. Immediately you will see that the OS will recognize the device and attempt to load the Arduino UNO driver. If you do not have the Arduino software installed, the computer will not find the device driver


2- The next step is to check the FW version, and ensure it is version 0200 or newer (check on the device manager for “Arduino UNO”). The manufacturer website has the instructions to install the latest firmware [link]



3- Download the Arduino software and install it. It will also install the USB driver.


Confirm that you want to install the Arduino USB Driver.


After installation, the Arduino UNO will be recognized as a periphery device. In this case a serial device in COM3


4- I like to test with the “BLINK” sketch. Open the sketch in the Arduino software and upload it to the Arduino. If everything works as expected, the device should be fully operational.



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